Dal Bello Sife of Padua for the environment

Just one year ago, during a budget meeting, I was leafing through the documentation relating to costs and revenues of my company, Dal Bello Sife Srl.
Looking at the half-yearly reports, I thought about the choices made in recent years in terms of eco-sustainability and environmental impact.
I had two clear projects in mind in particular:
– the installation of a photovoltaic system to totally power our plants
– the careful choice of our suppliers abroad in possession of international certifications of quality and traceability of the product including banana and pineapple.

For Dal Bello Sife sustainability is not a fashion statement

Environmental sustainability, for Dal Bello Sife, is a primary objective in which we have been investing for years and is a consolidated item in our corporate balance sheet.
I believe that environmental and social sustainability is the real competitive factor of economic sustainability of a company, which, in turn, has a real impact on the business model, processes and products.

Dal Bello Sife is increasingly green

I believe that the green economy is the future in which to invest and cannot be the exclusive prerogative of large corporations. It can and must be an opportunity for all small and medium-sized Italian companies, especially those from Veneto.
It is a long journey that requires investment, innovation and planning, but in the medium and long term it allows them to acquire a distinctive identity in a market where consumers are becoming more knowledgeable and demanding every day.

Dal Bello Sife looks to Europe

Northern Europe has been showing us the direction to take for years.
In the United Kingdom, Iceland Foods, leader in the frozen food market, eliminates plastic from the packaging of its private label product lines. In the Netherlands, the Ekoplaza chain has supermarkets that are entirely plastic-free. In Italy, Conad, the second largest Italian retail group and the first in the supermarket segment, is aiming at the progressive elimination of plastic in its branded products.
About this Francesco Avanzini, managing director of Conad, in this interesting article of La Repubblica: “Stop plastic in Conad branded products”.Dal Bello Sife eliminates plastic from fruit trays.

Dal Bello Sife invests in green economy.

With Paolo, my brother, we began to reflect on how to further improve our production processes to make them even more innovative and receptive to environmental issues.We wanted a real sustainability strategy, an element of innovation that would create income but also distribute value and well-being.
That’s how from January 2019 Dal Bello Sife, in advance and in countertrend to our main competitors, has eliminated plastic in the repackaging of fruit, including pineapple and banana, delivered to large retailers.
Translated into numbers, this means 93 tons less plastic released into the environment in the first six months of the year. We expect to exceed 200 tons of plastic by December 2019.
I hope that concrete actions such as this, for the protection of the environment, will be shared by all operators in the sector and encouraged by the institutions responsible for regulating the distribution market.

Alessandro Dal Bello
Senior Executive Vice President
Dal Bello Sife Srl