Ash from the Sangay volcano affects 55,000 hectares of banana plantations in Equador.

The extent of the damage is still incalculable. What is known for sure is that the production that comes from banana plantations in Equador corresponds to 30% of the weekly fruit exported worldwide.
Suffice it to say that during the first half of 2020, 52.2 million cartons of Ecuadorian origin were imported into Europe.

The ash from the volcano eruption will cause an estimated weekly loss of about 1.5 million banana cartons for a period that could extend up to six months.

The same material deposited on the leaves of the plants stops photosynthesis negatively influencing the correct development of the product. Moreover, the excessive weight on the leaves can cause the fall of the plant, with a consequent loss of production volume in the long term.

It can be assumed that 30% of the production of the areas affected by the phenomenon will be irremediably lost.

The measures taken by the Equador Ministry o save banana plantations.

The Ecuadorian Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock has issued guidelines to be followed to try to stem the losses.

In this process, the banana helmet should be cut first and no leaves should be cut.

Secondly, washing the crops on the day of harvest should be avoided.

The emergency has not only affected the banana crop sector, but is affecting the entire livestock sector. The Prefecture is providing assistance to small and medium farmers and breeders in the affected area.

The consequences on the world trading.

The risk for the European market is that during the first semester of 2021 there could be a lower supply of the product than expected.

The contraction due to lower production from Ecuador will be added to the scarcity of availability of the product expected from Guatemala, Costa Rica and Colombia.

Many unstructured importers will find themselves without the necessary supply to meet the demands of their customers. On the contrary, Dal Bello SIFE, with its LOLA branded products, will keep the commitment taken with its consumers and will guarantee the market the required quantity.

Alessandro Dal Bello

Vice President

Dal Bello SIFE