Our Services

Dal Bello Sife deals with import, ripening and distribution of local and exotic fruit and vegetables. We import from many world country, our logistics services satisfy all types of orders: from shops to supermarkets, from fruit and vegetable markets to wholesalers and large-scale retailing, with mixed orders and customized packages.

over 15,000 tons
Capacity of the maturation cells

20.000 mq
Warehouse size

500.000 kWh per year
Photovoltaic system


Dal Bello Sife imports from Central and South America, from the Mediterranean area and from the rest of Europe. We select areas and producers focus to quality, international certifications and traceability, to offer excellent quality fruits and vegetables at the most competitive price.


Ripening and storage of fruit and vegetable products are crucial phases. We own and use the most advanced facilities able to store and ripening more than 4000 tons of fresh product.
This assures the delivery of the goods to the best possible ripening phase to our costumers


Dal Bello deals with delivery to the wholesaler as well as the store, supermarket chains and large-scale retail trade and national and European fruit and vegetable markets, with customized packaging and transport services. Our logistics guarantees the careful management of all types of orders, from single pallets to whole bulk shipments.


Over 20,000 square meters of the Dal Bello Sife facilities are link with the MAAP, the Agro-Food Market of Padua and are equipped with nine selling points.. The MAAP does not only serve Veneto and northern Italy: it is the largest and most important European centre for sorting fruits and vegetables.