Pineapple experienced a precipitous drop in demand during the lockdown due to the Covid-19 emergency. What was the main reason for this trend? Pineapple is a fruit that the Italian customer is used to consume ready-made, in fact it is normally cleaned and served in restaurants ready to be eaten. The Horeca sector is the main sales channel for this product, more than 60% of this tropical fruit is sold through hospitality structures such as hotels, hotels, restaurants and bars.

This sector, together with its induced activities, produces 15% of the national GDP and it is the sector that has had more losses in economic terms due to the forced closure.

Pineapple has become a litmus test of the deep crisis of the Horeca sector, which needs guarantees and clear provisions for reopening.

Alessandro Dal Bello

Senior Vice President

Dal Bello SIFE S.r.l.